This 10-unit graduate program consists of a series of courses that provide foundational information and help develop the competencies necessary to teach effectively in higher education. Our courses are known for their enriching collegial atmosphere where learning about learner-centered theories and instructional strategies guide students' development as reflective and effective professional educators. Through an approach focusing on theory into practice post-baccalaureate students, including post-baccalaureate staff and faculty, are prepared to become outstanding teaching professionals. 

The diversity of students - in discipline, age, background, etc. - enrichens the learning process and provides insight into different ways of teaching and learning. The instructors are amazing and incredibly supportive.
Teresa Rosano, Architecture, CCT 2019/2020 alumna
I can confidently say that I am leaving the program with a toolshed worth of methods I can implement in the classroom [and] with a core set of fundamental values as it pertains to building effective learning environments.
Ben Schwartz, Neuroscience, CCT 2021 alumnus
There is an art, a philosophy, and a drive for creativity and experimentation that few graduate programs can satisfy for today's learners and scholars. I found a home among these peers and colleagues.
Dee Hill-Zuganelli, Sociology, CCT 2015/2016 alumnus
The instructors in the CCT Program were personable and invested and they took so much care in how they taught, mentored, and offered feedback.
Lindsay Hawkins, M.F.A., School of Dance, CCT 2015 alumna
CCT courses demonstrate a variety of learning strategies and techniques as part of your class activities that include workshopping class syllabi, teaching statements, and lesson plans.
Dr. Arica Crootof, Geography, CCT 2016/2017 alumna
The CCT program was instrumental for me in my growth from a good teacher to a great one. What I learned in the program changed not only how I taught, but the type of mentor and colleague I am.
Dr. Celeste Atkins, Higher Education, CCT 2018/19 alumna
The CCT program opened the door to learner-centered teaching and inclusive teaching, which has fundamentally changed my teaching philosophy and continuously benefited me since then.
Yongcheng Zhan, Information Systems, CCT 2018/19 alumnus
Each minute of class is carefully crafted to facilitate personal learning and growth.
Dr. Arica Crootof, Geography, CCT 2016/2017 alumna
I recommend that professionals interested in exploring, enhancing, and/or learning cutting edge strategies and knowledge about teaching, learning, and designing inclusive learning environments enroll in the CCT Program!
Joanna E. Sanchez-Avila, English, 2019
The program has an optimum balance of theory and application. I found the learnings to be immediately applicable in my teaching, sometimes as soon as the next day or week. Nothing felt extra or unnecessary.
Teresa Rosano, Architecture, CCT 2019/2020 alumna
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