Application & Program Completion

The Certificate in College Teaching Program is open to all post-baccalaureates. If you are NOT a U.S. citizen or Greencard holder, please refer to the "Prospective Students" page.

The application and enrollment procedures follow the standard procedures for all graduate certificate programs that are administered through the Graduate College. The following passages, "Applying to the Program" and "Graduation Requirements," will lead you through each process step by step. 

The application deadlines are June 30th for the Fall Semester and October 30th for the Spring Semester. These deadlines apply to both domestic and international applicants.

Log onto the Graduate College Admissions at and complete the required information on the online application using your UA NedID. If you are currently not affiliated with the UA, you are asked to create an account.

If you haven't used this application system before, you will be asked to provide your personal information (e.g., contact information), education history, scanned copies of unofficial transcripts, and program information.  If you are a current UA graduate student, no fee is needed.

  1. Then click on “Apply to a Program.” It will open a form with a number of fields.
  2. For Campus, please select “Main Campus or Phoenix Campus or UA South.”
  3. For Program Category, please select “Certificate Program.”
  4. For Program of Study, please select “College Teaching (Certificate NDP).”
  5. For Semester, please choose the semester in which you wish to begin your coursework.
  6. Most of you can ignore the UA Site and Sponsor/Program Affiliation. Please only select a sponsor/program affiliation if you have a possible funding resource from outside our department.
  7. Then follow the instructions to submit your application.

Please note the institutional requirement to submit a Statement of Purpose and Letter of Recommendation. Detailed instructions can be found in our application information in Grad Path.

Within 2-4 weeks, you should receive an admissions email message from the Graduate College.  Once you have been admitted to the program you will need to accept your admission (Intend to Matriculate) by going back into the Application system.  There will be details in your acceptance email.

Students have 4 years to complete the CCT.*  The “clock” starts ticking with the semester when the earliest coursework was completed for the CCT and ends with the completion of the last course.  Students may request exceptions with a Graduate Petition to the Graduate College.

   *Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the time to completion has been extended to 4.5 years by the Graduate College.

A separate CCT Plan of Study and Responsible Conduct of Research Statement must be submitted through the GradPath link in your UAccess Student account. The Plan of Study must be submitted before completing the last course in the CCT program in order to receive a certificate on time. The form requires approval from the CCT Coordinator and the OIA Director of Graduate Studies.

  1. For the Graduation date, select the semester and year you are completing the Certificate, NOT your degree program.
  2. For the Advisor, please enter the name of either the current CCT Co-Coordinators, Erin Dokter or Mascha N. Gemein.
  3. Choose the classes you'd like to count for the Certificate, submit, and you're done!  

Please note: The UA has introduced a one-time candidacy fee of $15 (billed to your bursar's account) at the time your Plan of Study is approved by the Graduate Student Academic Services office.

After the semester in which all CCT requirements have been completed, CCT completion will be documented on your official transcript. If you submitted your Plan of Study but take longer than planned to complete the certificate, please email Annie Prisbrey at the Graduate College to adjust the graduation date on your Plan of Study.

Your Certificate will be automatically updated on your transcript when you finish the program. The Graduate College centrally mails paper certificates for all certificate programs.