I took a course on college teaching that is not on your list of approved electives. Can the course be accepted as part of the CCT?

  • A request for the course to be approved as an elective on your Plan of Study would have to be made as a petition to the CCT Coordinators and the Graduate College. Please contact the CCT Coordinators for more information.


I have already taken a course on college teaching that is on the approved list of CCT electives.  If I enroll in the CCT now, can I still use this course on my CCT Plan of Study, even if I have not yet taken the required IA 697a Learner-Centered Teaching course first?  

  • Yes.  However please keep in mind that the total time allowed to complete CCT coursework is 4 years. If you include the already taken elective in your CCT Plan of Study, your clock will start ticking  the semester in which you took that elective.


When should I submit my Plan of Study, and how?

  • If you have sucessfully been admitted to the certificate program and are taking the last necessary course work, it is time to submit your Plan of Study. Your Plan of Study documents all the coursework you complete for this certificate program, and it is separate from the Plan of Study you have submitted or will submit for your major degree program. You can find the submission form in the GradPath link in your UAcces Student account. For more information, please read the section "Graduation Requirements" under the "Application & Program Completion" tab above.


Who is my advisor in the program?

  • The CCT Coordinators (see below) are available for general advising.
  • You may list either the CCT Coordinator, Erin Dokter, or the CCT Graduate Coordinator, Mascha N. Gemein, as the advisor in your Plan of Study.
  • In IA 694a, you will work one-on-one with an OIA faculty supervisor, but this is independent of the official advisor role on your Plan of Study.


More FAQs coming soon. If you have a question and do not see it here, please contact the CCT Coordinators:

Erin Dokter, CCT Coordinator, edokter@email.arizona.edu

Mascha N. Gemein, CCT Graduate Coordinator, mngemein@email.arizona.edu