History & Testimonials

Our History: Over 150 Completed Certificates since 2011!

We asked one of the founding members of the CCT Program, Kyla Macario, retired Professor of Practice, to briefly share the history of the CCT Program with us. Click here to watch her summary of the "Start of A New Idea."  [This streaming video uses Flash. For the latest Flash player go here.]

Our CCT Program grew over the years and became an official post-baccalaureate certificate in 2011.


Congratulations, Fall 2016 Students! We are proud of you!

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Through the Certificate in College Teaching program, I learned detailed, reflective pedagogical practices for both face-to-face and online teaching. I especially found helpful the program's pairing of teaching observation with discussions of linking course design and student engagement to varied educational outcomes. The certificate program provided an excellent way to strengthen my teaching repertoire and gave me confidence in using a broad set of active learning approaches in my courses.

- Angela Storey, School of Anthropology, 2015 CCT alumna.


The best part for me about the program was the very intimate relationship with the instructors in the Office of Instruction and Assessment. They are very excited, they’re very happy, they’re very interested in helping you develop yourself as a teacher and they were more than willing to … share everything they know. And they have learned so much and done so many things!

Please click here to view the full video testimonial. [This streaming video uses Flash. For the latest Flash player go here.]

- Dan Erickson, Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences, 2014 CCT alumnus.


Click here to view the UA News article "Bringing Experience to the Classroom" (2013) and read what our alumni Dee Hill Zuganelli, Sociology, and Alyssa Alger, School of Dance, have to say about the program.