For completion of the certificate program, a minimum of 3 credits is required from elective courses. 

In-House Elective Courses

The Office of Instruction and Assessment itself offers several courses that serve as possible electives for the CCT program.

IA 497/597: Mindful Teaching and Learning: A Course in Theory and Applied Practice

This class is designed to provide practical application of current research about Mindfulness in teaching, also known as contemplative pedagogy (cp) strategies. These strategies increase the likelihood of student success. Course themes and activities focus on: defining mindfulness and contemplative pedagogy, historical and cultural origins, scholarship surrounding and supporting mindful teaching, choosing, planning, facilitating, and assessing basic mindful teaching strategies, addressing student reaction and resistance, strategies for the online classroom and other trends in mindful teaching in higher education. Since we explore the origins of many of the mindfulness practices, we will discuss ethical considerations and the danger of cultural appropriation in order to reflect upon and refine our cultural competencies. Students in the class are expected to participate in, and provide, demonstrations of the strategies in practice.  Instruction is in person with specified assignments and deadlines. (3 units; offering varies)

IA 680 Classroom Assessment

This fully online course encompasses a comprehensive review of the literature on classroom assessment strategies and methods as related to course design, measurement of student learning outcomes, and examination of instructional methods and practices.  Emphasis will be placed on interpretation of assessment as the definer of the curricular design process as well as the practical application of classroom and online methods that effectively assess student and course success. (3 units; Spring semesters only)

IA 697g Universal Design: Accessible Learning Environments

This fully online course provides a comprehensive review of the theory, strategies, and techniques used in instructional design processes that foster inclusive learning environments for all learners.  The curriculum addresses characteristics of learners such as learning differences, preferences and 21st-century learning attributes, approaches for utilizing differentiated instruction, engagement and motivation techniques, classroom management tactics, and universal design strategies.  Emphasis will be placed on critical review of the literature as practically applied to various learning environments and contexts in post-secondary education. (3 units; Fall semesters only)

IA 699 Independent Study

Students may register for 1-3 units of independent study during which they will explore, under the supervision of an OIA faculty member, the theory, practices, and/or literature of specific areas of interest in college teaching and learning such as online instruction, course level assessment, or other topics related to learning-centered instruction.  IA 699 credit is available for OIA Online Mini-Courses. The general Independent Study Proposal and Policies can be accessed and downloaded via the Office of the Registrar. (1, 2, or 3 units; every semester)

Other Elective Courses

Many courses from various units across campus are official elective courses for the CCT program. Please check the UA Course Catalog for descriptions of these courses and contact the offering department for details.

Please note that these elective courses vary in their formats, grading schemes, and credits. Some courses do not fulfill the 3-credit requirement; therefore, students who take a 1 or 2 unit course can fulfill the 3-unit requirement by enrolling in another course on the list or in IA 699 Independent Study for the additional credits.

List of courses:

AED 697c/IA 697c Workshop on Teaching at the College Level (3 units)

AIS 697a College Teaching Methods (3 units)

ARB 596m Special Topics in Arabic Linguistics (3 units)

ASTR 555 Teaching College-Level Astronomy and Planetary Science (3 units)

DNC 595a Teaching Methods for Dance (3 units)

ENG 596h Modern Literature (3 units)

ETCV 512 Student Engagement in Online Learning Environments (3 units)

GEOG 695c Preparing Future Faculty: College Teaching (1 unit)

HIST 597a Teaching Methods and Practice (3 units)

LAT 580 Issues in Latin Methodology (3 units)

LRC/ENGL 680 Reader-Response Theories (3 units)

MCB 520 Research on College Science Teaching and Learning (3 units)

MIS 696a Readings in MIS (3 units)

MUS 622 Theory Pedagogy (3 units)

PHSC 611 Theory and Practice in Pharmacy Education (3 units)

PS 697b Physiological Sci Teaching Workshop (1 unit)

PSIO 591 Preceptorship (1 unit)

PSYC 586b Ethical Issues in Psychology (3 units)

PSYC 596T The Teaching of Psychology (3 units)

SLAT 579/GER 579/EAS 579/LAT 579/SPAN 579/FREN 579/RSSS 579 Issues in Post-Secondary Language Teaching & Learning (3 units)

SLHS 649/BIOC 649/PSIO 649 Survival Skills and Ethics (3 units)

Some departments may limit course enrollment to majors only. When selecting an elective, check with the respective department to determine whether you are allowed to enroll in the course.

If you are aware of a class outside of this list that you believe might qualify as an elective course and/or you are attempting to transfer credits, please contact the CCT Coordinators.